A Piece about My Philosophy in Life

I believe that man must learn to live without those consolations called religious, which his own intelligence must by now have told him belong to the childhood of the race.

Philosophy can really give us nothing permanent to believe either. It is too reach in answers, each canceling out the rest.
The quest for meaning is fordoomed. Human life “means” nothing. But that is not to say that it is not worthliving.

What does a Debussy’s Arabesque or Mozart’s Nocturne ‘mean’, or a rainbow or a rose?

A man delights in all of these, knowing himself to be no more than a wisp of music and a hope of dreams dissolving against the sun.

Man has only his own two feet to stand on. His own human trinity to see him through: Reason, Courage and Grace. And the First plus the Second equals Third.


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