Far Away From Home

Sometimes, things happen the least we expect them to occur. Worst, they even surprise you with a big bluff. There will be a lot of excitement, or a great loss due to a lack of anticipation. Whatever it could be, you could be caught offguard.

Sometimes, little things happen with no profound reason at all. Sometimes, they are so insignificant. Like pebbles that get stuck in your shoes. You kick them off and get rid of them. Then you continue walking, thinking you’ve wasted several seconds of your life with those bothersome things. It’s paltry but it happens once in a while unless you go barefoot.

Sometimes, you look up at the velvet sky and wish upon your shining star. Halfheartedly, you believe that your yearning would come true, no matter what they say that wishes are only for children. You may sometimes wonder why there will be wishes, if they will only cause pain and broken dreams. And so, you would only confine your aspirations to the seclusion of workable concept.

But have you ever sought where the edge of possibility is? It’s just over somewhere, where the impossibilities begin.

Why not let loose and amplify your diaphanous life? They say, the latest work of an artist is his masterpiece God has bestowed upon us. So, I’m now here. Amplifying my life. Living FAR AWAY FROM HOME. Despite the sadness, the loneliness, I know that at the edge of this, I’ll find my happiness. Eventually.


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