Life and Everything Around It


I can come up with a thousand of quotes about life. But in general, life is a journey to be traveled. And yes, one poet said- the grave is not its goal. Or else, the minute we think about living is the very minute we die.

Sometimes, I asked myself why? Why is there death? What id the purpose of living if we will die anyway? I realized now that to asked such question is to sin. Would we rather have not lived? We should be grateful to be here. To see all that is around us. tTo know life and its fragility and to value it for that reason. To live eaxh moment to the fullest, not to waste time and to waste a little bit of everything.

Life is precious. It is just one and there is no need for another if we lived well. Everyone must live his or her own life. Sure it is not always what we dream it to be, but we have to be patient and just count our blessings.


We love and let go. We taste but not drain the cup. Fill our senses with everyrhing there is. We win, we loose. We fly, we fall. We forever change but life goes on. It’s not enough to have just survived, to have just lived and died. It’s the things we do with our lives, the people we care for and love. The events that becomee treasured memories, moments that are never forgotten. All those are ours and nobody else’s.

And life gives us the chance to have it, to know it and to have lived it.

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