The Moon Embraces the Sun

Amid the darkness,
a light shines from afar.
Patiently awaits,
the advent of her love.
A love so pure.
So true.
It is time.
Her love has arrived.
His presence, no one can deny.
And their love,
like any other love is doomed.
For his every arrival
is her departure.
Unable to meet.
To hold.
And to embrace.
But never in their life they have become crestfallen.
Day by day,
Night after night,
they are waiting.
For that time to come.
A heavenly force to intervene.
That special phenomenon,
when the Moon embraces the Sun.

The title is fully credited to the best Korean Drama I have ever watched, “The Moon Embraces the Sun”.

A historical drama which depicts the culture, customs and traditions of Korea 400 years back. So beautifully written and filmed, which filled my heart with tears thus inspired me to write this poem and love poetry again.


By the way, isn’t it amazing how this magical moment called Eclipse can make the Moon and the Sun meet?

So no matter how impossible it may seem, I will still keep my faith and wait patiently for my Sun to come. To hold it, to dance with it, to embrace it.

Just like this moon.


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