Bon Memoirs

It’s winter again. Isn’t this the most inspiring season? Probably the answer is yes because Christmas is fast approaching.

There must be something in the wind. But after weeks of enjoying my solitude, I decided to write an entirely new post today.

I won’t use this post to strike a balance because I think it’s boring.

So may I present to you  a new pallete of colors inspired by the greatest artist – man & nature.


This was taken at Taman Rekreasi, Tasek Lama, Brunei. The whole area was designed into perfection because the second wife of the King in Brunei used to jog around the area and enjoy nature’s beauty.



The Empire Hotel and Country Club at Jerudong, Brunei is famous for its crystal clear water and manmade beach resort. Overlooking the building is the South China Sea.



Malaysia, one of my favorite place. Truly Asia.

ImageSampaguita Garden and Resort, Famous for its Christmas Celebration whole year round and Precious Moments Collection at New Washington, Aklan, Philippines.


Celebrating 114th Philippine Independence Day at Mohammad Dossary Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Cityscape. Overlooking from Sheraton Hotel in Manama, Bahrain.


Christmas Spirit and Canary Yellow.


Sakura Tree in Greenhills, Makati, Philippines.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its finest. Desert Lala Land.


Jawili Beach resort in Aklan, Philippines.


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