Lee Min Ho (A Silent Wish)


The one I was crazy about. I have been through bleak periods in my life and he was one of the reasons why I got through them. Watching his dramas had made me smile and laugh. It was an escape I welcomed. And I really wanted to meet and thanked him. Maybe even a glimpse of him would have made me happy.


His dark expressive eyes, I will recognize anywhere.


His smooth, mellow voice I will recognize anytime.

Min Ho-ssi, If only I can see you. A moment I will etched in the fondest of my memories.


It was a silent wish I have made.


Beautiful and True

See the blemish on your face,
Everyone tells you to erase.
But you seem to think,
While you’re on your brink,
That blemish is your own grace.

See the frizz in your hair,
The one that makes people stare.
“Look at that awful mane,
Walking around she looks insane!”

See the strength that you have within
The one that makes you believe in.
How you look and who you are
And how it should be up to par
With your standards and not let them win.

See the features that make you
Beautiful and true
And don’t change a thing.
No matter words they bring
Because you are perfect askew.