25 and Counting

Hey there! It has been a while, right? I will not say I am busy because I am not. Truth is I don’t feel like writing. Oh well. It happens.

I wanted to post a birthday blog but due to the above mentioned dilemma, I’ve managed to write now. Yeah.


So I am a year older and just a tiny bit wiser. And it was my third time to celebrate my birthday away from my family.

But I’m still glad because I have my friends with me.





friend 2

Aren’t we beautiful?

Well, I got a bouquet of white roses from my male friends, too.


And even the Director General of the hospital I’m working gave me this. He really knew me well enough! That instead of giving me chocolates he usually give to the staff nurses, he gave me this. I felt flattered.


This beautiful birthday butterfly card was from my dear friends.


They have even put magic on my birthday cake!


And of course, my birthday will not be complete without my sister here in the kingdom. I love her and she’s the best gift I have received from God. My confidante. My best friend. My superego.


Hey, have you noticed my new hairstyle? It is too short, but I love it. 😉


And yes. I’m ooolllddd. 25, to say the least.

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