I Kiss You Adieu

Charles Dickens once described March as “a summer in the light and a winter in the shade.”

Indeed, this month has brought me comforting warmth and a soothing coolness.

Half of the time, when I was in the dark contemplating, I was yet again transformed into an introvert little girl, unsure of everything. Isolating myself from the world around me. But my solitude is like a soothing shade from the blinding light. True enough to the words in Desidarata, “Consider what peace there may be in silence.”

Then together with my friends, we sparkle our own light, sharing the warmth of togetherness. Weaving memories of lasting friendship.

And as this month is coming to an end, I thank God for giving me the light as well as for taking me in darkness. And thus, I kiss March ADIEU.


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