It feels lonely because there’s only one.

And because it is lonely, it becomes solitude.

That solitude is poignantly beautiful.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi



Hello, Stranger


So, I met a stranger today. Someone that would probably be on my “What-If-Its-Fated List.

Im already on my way to Boarding Gate, then there he was.

Tall, fair, handsome. The very first thing I noticed is his smile. And then I melted. Or so I thought. He has a super clean shoes.  With no visible dirt or stain. Which really impresses me. Coz the very first thing I will try to examine in a guy will be his feet.

He had his coat on which made him look more dignified. Then, I told to myself, “This is my ideal kind of man. Gent, sleek, intelligent, good looking man. And lastly, dresses like Lee Min Ho.

He sat on the seat across mine. At first, I didn’t dare to look at him. I keep myself busy by arranging the passport and ticket in my bag. And when I looked up, he was staring. Then I smiled. An awkward smile. He smiled back at me. That smile again¬† My heart flutters when he suddenly speak. “I think we have to go inside that gate.” Baritone voice. Just as I imagined.

“Ay, oo nga nuh. Yun pala dapat yung Gate 3.” I replied rather shyly.

“Pinay ka pala.” He smiled again.

“Oo naman. Bakit?” I asked while we are heading inside.

“Akala ko Koreana o Chinese. Hindi kasi halata.” He said while laughing.

I laughed and responded to him, “Annyeonghaseyo..” And made a slight bow.

“Haha! And you can speak Korean, too.” He said while we made our way inside.

“Pano mo naman nalaman na Korean yun?” I asked.

“Dun ako nagwork dati before dito.” He answered.

Then he totally got me. Korea. My dream land. But I continue to walk in silence as we are heading near the counter.

He allowed me to walk ahead of him and get scanned.

The Gate is full already, then I saw a vacant seat and sat. Then, he came and approached me if the seat next to me is taken. I said, it’s vacant.

He took his seat and then there is an awkward silence again.

He suddenly asked if Im on vacation.

I don’t know how our lengthy conversation started but all I know is that we talked until Boarding time. He is an Engineer (a bonus point). Had worked in Korea before (My Dream Land). So he can speak Hangul. He is single. (I just guess it.) Because in between our conversation, he said that he got an overbaggage because of the chocolates his little brothers and sisters asked for him. It’s just a way of saying that he is single.

Then, I realized that all throughout our conversation he’s giving me hints about him through asking me questions.

Like, “San ka dito nagstay? Sa Bandar ka 8n ba?” Which without even asking him where he live, he already aswered it.

“Mahirap makapasok Nurse dito, mas madali yung mga Engineer, Architect.” So, I said, “Engineer ka?” While looking at his hands. Long, candle-like hands. He must be working in the office. Not as a Field Engineer.

We talked about everything oblivious of the people around us.

Then it was already time to board the plane, and as a gentlemn as he is, he guided me the way. And I felt like a princess.

And the Auntie’s stare, the old men stare, the children watched in amusement.

Two beautiful creatures walking side by side.

As I drew near my seat, I looked up at him and said my goodbye. He smiled and nod making his way to his seat at the back.

I easily dozed off and the next thing I remembered was we already landed. I took my way out excited to be home again.

Going to the Immigration is probably the longest walk ever.

At the corner of my eye, I saw him looking at me. I didn’t look back. I mustered every inch of my courage, then I approached and greeted the Immigration Officer.

As I’m going out of the terminal, I realized that we knew everything about each other but we didn’t get to know each others name.

I chuckled at the thought and continued walking.

“Bye, Stranger.”