People, Paper and Pen

As I am  rereading my notes, I have come across to this. I didn’t realize until now that I still have a backlog. An unwritten details of my life.

I can’t even remember what I am trying to convey through these words. I don’t know what I was feeling or going through at that moment and made me write this phrase.

And no matter how much I keep on trying to reminisce, I can’t. I just can’t remember.

Just like those moments left unsaid, unwritten, forever forgotten, there are people who have completely disappeared in our life. We might not even remember why and how it happened. Was our grip too tight? Are we the one who decided to let them go? Or are we the ones they have left behind?

Like pages we have torn into pieces,  there are people who have gone separately in our lives for our own good. It might be because we are no longer growing when we are with them. Or they are to us. That our association with each other gives us extreme emotions, be it too much sadness or remorse, thus making our life  futile. Even a tweak from them affects us singlehandedly in more ways than we could have imagined… A completely diaphanous life. All we have to do is to leave those broken pieces behind and start a brand new life and surround ourselves with people who not only inspires us but are with us all through the way.

There are moments of our life that we have meticulously written down on a piece of paper. But no matter how much we treasured and relived those moments, it still vanished within our grasps. Just like the moon disappears at the breaking of the dawn, the ink will soon fade away in the water. People we have come to love so dearly that no matter how much we hold on to them, they just slipped away from us. But their spirits still live with us. Leaving us only fragments of those mem’ries. Memories of the people we have placed securely deep inside our hearts and cherished them forever. Secretly praying to God that no matter what will happen, that person and the memories that comes with that person will still linger deep within our heart. Like our very soul is wedded to it. Forever etched in our heart.

There are also people in our life that we thought we have lost along the road but still find their way to us. It was like finding an old diary you have when you were in high school. You can’t even remember most of the memories you had during those times but once you start rereading those yellow pages, the memories came pouring in. The memories are so vivid you thought it happened only yesterday. Just like when you found that person back, an empty whole inside your heart have been filled. It was like finding your own self in this complex world. Loosing that person and gaining that person back again is perhaps one of the best blessing we will receive. Making us treaure that very person even more. Vowing that nothing will ever separate you that person again.

But fate intervenes, and we realized that the people around us can’t be with us forever. Time will come that nature will take its course and we will soon find ourselves alone ‘again’. Coz nature has its own way of putting back the things as they are in the beginning. Originally, man is alone in nature.

We must learn to stand on our own ground. ‘Man has its own two feet to stand on. Our own human trinity to see us through.’ Wisdom, Love and Faith. Wisdom to put God at the center of our being. Love to our Almighty Survivor. Faith to trust in Him and believe that everything that happened, is happening and will happen is in God’s own accord. Fir the First plus the Second equals the Third.


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