Happy New Year

I was supposed to write a lot during this season but things never turned out the way I planned. I was caught in the middle of something almost all the time and either I am too happy or too sad to write.

Today, I was finally ready to write my last post for the year and I have to say goodbye with a few lines.

Goodbye, 2013. I will miss you for sure but I am also glad that you have come to an end.

2013 was a crazy roller coaster ride.

I hit the bottom and at the same time, touched the sky. It was a year full of hope and despair, struggles and victories, sadness and joy.

I had some of everything and a little of something.

During the coming year I want to be me. Every year, I always tell this to myself but this time around I will redefine me. I want a happier version of me.

I know that I am different and my happiness is somewhere else.

Somewhere other than being here.

There is definitely something else that I wanted to do with my life.

So this 2014, I will follow the path towards my dream, no matter where it take me. Fear is not an option. I have the soul of a butterfly and butterflies need to fly to feel alive. I promise to spread my wings.


So I’m sending you my best wishes for 2014.

May you remember to spread those wings and reach for the sky. But when you faltered and cry, may you remember to fix those broken wings and never give up to bounce back all over again.

And as you reach up to the sky, remember to always place your feet on the ground. ‘Coz you will never know when you will stumble and fall.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

And oh! Here’s Oppa Min Ho sending you his wishes. ♥


To my Oppa Lee Min Ho, I wish you success on your upcoming movie, Gangnam Blues. I hope that you will soon reach your dream, to be an International Actor. ♚

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