With You Beside Me Ch. 2

Lee Min Ho Fan Fiction

Chapter 2

Follow Your Heart: A Promise (Yakssu)

Jas’s POV

Everytime the wind picks up a speed, I can see his hair dancing with the wind hitting his temple and the upper part of his brows. We have been sitting quietly as none of us have spoken a word to each other. I think he is giving me a space I needed to collect my thoughts.

I smiled to myself seeing him so peaceful. Suddenly, a thought occured to me.

“Min Ho ssi…” I whispered. Not exactly sure if he heard me.

He turned towards me, meeting my gaze. “Ne? Mueoseulyo?” (Yes? What is it?)

“Would you mind if I take a photo of you?” I said to him as my eyes are darting from side to side.

“Jinjja? At last, you are acting like a fan to me.” He said laughing.

I sensed my face turning into beet red.

“Hey.. I’m being serious. I.. I mean.. This place is really beautiful. I think it will look really good. And you can always remember that you visited this place.” I replied managing to save myself from further humiliation.

He looked at me and seeing my troubled face, his eyes suddenly soften.

“Uhm. Just this once, okay?”

He is now standing in the middle of the field.

“Min Ho ssi, a little bit to the left please. Anio. (No.) Come back a few steps to the right.” I shouted at him as I tried to find a good angle to click the photo using his phone.

“Aish. Jinjja. You are acting like a professional photographer now.”

I can hear him shouting back at me.

“Wait until you meet my friend, Jacq. She’s the professional one. Maybe she will even asked you to lie on the grass just to make it perfect.” I chuckled.

“Nukayo? (Who?) Is she also beautiful like you?” He said. Laughing playfully now.

“Aish! Really.” I acted irritated to fight myself from blushing.

The wind blows and he spread his arms wide open and closed his eyes. Still laughing.

Clicked. Perfect. I managed to capture him looking really good and happy.


“Is it good?” I heard him asking me as he is getting closer.

“It’s perfect! You are looking so handsome.” I gushed. Unaware that I have blurted out what I had in mind.

“Really? Do I really look that good? He asked me. His eyes are dancing with amusement.

“I mean the backdrop is really good.” I lowered my eyes trying to correct myself as I handed back his phone.

He is smiling at me as he checks the photo himself. I can see him totally engrossed to the few shots I made. I noticed him biting his lips pressing them together making his dimples prominent. A habit that really looks adorable on him.

“You can post this photo to your Facebook. I am sure your fans will love to to see your newest picture. You can even make a response to some of your fans! You know, for years I have sent you messages everyday asking how you are doing and sending you wishes. Although, I very well know that there’s no chance for you reading…” Stopping, I clasped my hand to my mouth. I wanted to bite my tongue until it bleeds to punish it from my incessant chatter. It did not happen. Please tell me I haven’t said those things.

He was staring at me, surprised. Then a smile lit up his beautiful face. “You did? What else did you wrote? Hmm. Saranghae?”

My eyes widened at his words. He couldn’t be anymore accurate. I bit my lip, not wanting to speak again and gave myself another humiliation. I am glad he didn’t pressed me any further question.

“I think it is a good idea. I will post the picture now.” I watched him tapping on his phone. A smile lingering on his face.

“Oh look! I got a lot of responses.”

Excitement was written all over his face as he moved closer so I can read the responses from his fans. I suddenly saw a familiar name.

“Min Ho-ssi, I know her. She is a very good friend of mine from Egypt and a big fan of yours. She will be really happy if you reply to her comment.” I told him as I pointed my finger to the name Mega Graphico.

“Really? They knew about me even in Egypt?” He said while typing in a response.

“Of course. You are well-known all over the world.” I smiled at him in assurance. “She’ll be surprised when she reads your comment.”

Life, indeed can spring pleasant surprises. Yinyin. The sweetest surprise in my life. She is like a sister to me. I really miss her a lot.

Then I heard him saying something to me.

“Mianae. (Sorry) I didn’t catch you there.” I cast my eyes down as I realized that I was staring at him all this time.

“I asked you to give me your phone so I can beam one of the photo to your phone.” He sat down on the ground motioning me to join him.

I gave him my phone as I sat next to him.

“I am also like that. You know?” He told me smiling.

My brows furrowed silently asking him to go on and explain.

“I am lost in my thoughts sometimes. Especially when I encounter something to highten those memories. It’s probably a part of my artistic side. I guess.” He said as he brought our phone together placing it back to back and tap the screen of his phone and then mine.

I looked at him and I can see a different side of him. He looks vulnerable.

“Yeah.. I was just missing someone. My eonnie. (My sister.) Yinyin. She is like a best friend and a sister at the same time.” I replied.

“Yinyin. An interesting name. Do you know that Yin is a word for Eum (heart)? He told me grinning.

‘Playful Min Ho is back.’ I thought. Smiling back at him.

“Jinjja? (Really?) Well that explains it. She really has a beautiful heart. Like you. I’m pretty sure that you will like her, too.”

He nods his head to agree with me, smiling.

“I have a best friend, too. I met him before I entered the entertainment industry. We both ended being an actor and the bond between us become even stronger. And there is Kim Bum. We became really close during Boys Over Flower and after the series, we are always hanging out together. I don’t have any brother and I considered both of them as my real brothers.”

I can see the tender look on his face as he is reminiscing the fond memories he had with them.

“Omo! I think I pressed the button to the mainscreen by mistake.” He said as he was about to give me back my phone.

“Wait a second. Is that my picture on your homescreen? You had my picture as your phone wallpaper?”

He explained giving me a surprised look. That’s when it suddenly occured to me that he had seen one of the downloaded pictures of him I had kept as my wallpaper on the phone.

“Min Ho ssi. Can you please give me back my phone? Chaebal..” I cried alarmed.

“Wait! I just want to check how many pictures you have of me.”

He is laughing now. A picture of complete mischief is painted all over his face.

‘Oh no!’ I thought. I had downloaded more than a hundred of his picture and I even have a separate folder for them. If he opened it, I will not be able to look at him in his eyes. It will really be embarassing. I shouldn’t have given him my phone. I mentally slapped myself.


Min Ho’s POV

As I am about to finished sending files to her phone via S Beam, I accidentally tapped a button to her mainscreen. I’m so surprised as I recognized the wallpaper on her home screen. It was a photo of me taken four years ago. A CF for a  brand of beauty products taken in Singapore. I remember that it was taken after my TV series, Personal Taste.

“Min Ho ssi. Can you please give me back my phone? Chaebal..” Her voice quivered as she said the last word. ‘Please’.

‘Omo! Is she about to cry now?’ I felt alarmed.

“Wait! I just want to check how many pictures you have of me.” I replied laughing and flashing my Jun Pyo/Tan’s mischievous grin, trying to fight my feeling as I was about to give in to her plea. I have a really soft spot to a girl crying.

I saw a flicker of panic in her eyes. Then just like before, she stared blankly at me again. ‘My Wandergirl.’ I chuckled. Her thoughts are wandering somewhere again.

Does she really believed me saying that I will open her files and see for myself if how many photos of me that she have on her phone? Although, the idea is tempting but I will not betray her like that. Based on her reaction, I think it has already confirmed my doubt without her admitting it. She is really transparent. That’s one thing I admire about her. Not like some of the girls I met who are very superficial. Skin deep.

Well, I just wanted to tease her for a while and see if her face can turn any redder. It amazes me how her face turned into the darkest shade of pink everytime she feels embarassed.

Then, she suddenly reached out for my hand at my back. She managed to catch a hold of the mobile chain of her phone. But in an attempt to do so she lost her balance and both of us ended up lying on the grass.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed as her forehead hit mine.

“I’m so sorry, Min Ho ssi. Did I hurt you?”

She asked me. A startled and worried look on her face. I didn’t realised that I am lying flat on the grass with her on top of me as she rubbed my forehead.

I know I should get up now. But something is holding me back as I find myself drowning in her beautiful eyes. She is looking so innocent and delicate right now. She is smelling faintly of fresh flowers and mint.

There is this acute realization of the reasons I have been questioning myself all this time. It was like a veil lifted from my mind and things became clearer to me. Like seeing the silver lining beneath those dark clouds. I could feeling my heartbeat getting faster.

I like her more than I imagined. ‘Is she scared?’ Because I am. After my relationship with Min-a ended, I always put my heart on guard. I never allow anyone to get close to me. I don’t know if I still have feelings for Min-a or I was just afraid of feeling the pain again.

And this strange unfamiliar feeling harboring inside me as I looked into her eyes scared me. Right then and there, it doesn’t matter to me if I have just met her or I haven’t known her well enough. It was like this feeling is enough for me to keep me satiated. The thought is driving me insane. I took a deep breath steadying myself.

I can see strands of long hair on her face as the breeze blows gently. I suddenly find my hand move on its own as I carefully lifted the strands of hair and tugged it behind her ear. I slowly leaned towards her. I can see tat she is holding her breath and looking at me intently questioning me.

Jas’s POV

I saw him studying my face carefully and suddenly his delicate long fingers lifted the strands of hair from my face and gently placed it behind my ear making me feel like I was going to loose myself completely. With his brief and tender touch on my skin, he has taken my heart with him.

I felt him leaning closer to me, his breath on my face. At that moment, I just stop thinking.

The phone was ringing. It took a moment for both of us to realize his phone was ringing. The sound piercing the silence and interrupting what could have happened if it didn’t ring at the right moment. Both of us quickly get up at the same and straightened ourselves.

I was still numb from what just happened but I somehow managed to get a grip of myself as I awkwardly brushed off my dress in an attempt to appear normal.

I saw him pick up the phone.

“Yoboseyo?” (Hello?)

He paused as he answered the call.

“Min-a… Is that you?”

I heard him speak her name. At that exact moment, I felt my whole world crashing down. Hearing him take her name was just like a sudden jolt back to reality. More like someone has removed the dreamcatcher hanging on your window and abruptly waking you up from a beautiful dream making you finally realised that it was too good to be true.

I quietly walked away from him and found a spot near the bank of the river. I watched the water catch the reflection of the afternoon sun. Even the stillness of the pristinely clear water couldn’t calm me down.  Just like the wind causing cascades of ripples on the surface of the water, I was gripped in a whirlwind of emotions.

I can’t blame the call for what for what I was feeling right now. How can I forget the fact that we belong to a completely different worlds.

Somehow along the way of life, our paths had collided accidentally. I have read somewhere that each of us have these thin, invisible threads connecting to another being. The amount of time you get to spend to this person depends on the length of the thread between the two of you. Some of the threads are long with interloping strokes like a cobweb. While some are like a nylon thread: strong but short and most likely to give a big impact in our life.

In the end, I am just a fan who was lucky enough to spend some of my life’s precious moments with this man. But for some unknown reason, why did it feel so right? Like for some fleeting moment, I thought we connected. Or did I just imagine it seeing in his eyes that maybe… Just maybe he felt the same way I have been feeling for him all this time. How can I be so naive and dream with my eyes open?

I closed my eyes running my hand over my arm. The thoughts are consuming me. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I remember my favorite quote, “Follow your heart”. A stray tear trickled down my face. I quickly wiped it away. My heart… My heart wants nothing more than his happiness. Nothing else matter to me. There will be no regret. I promised myself that I will not let him feel awkward because of me. I have to act normal like nothing ever happened. ‘Yakssu, Min Ho sii.’

I sensed him coming behind me. ‘Jas, this is it. Be strong.’ I told myself as I take a deep breath and opened my eyes. I turned to face him. But before I can take the epic 180° turn of my life and bring everything back together at its rightful place, I felt strong arms wrap around me in a comfortable hug. I felt warm and comforted. I find it ironic to feel protected and comforted by the very same person who caused these waves of emotion.


I heard him called my name. Hearing him struggled with words, I know he was going to broach the topic about what happened between us before the call. I can feel him taking deep emotional breaths which made me even more resolved that it is up to me to make everything right.

I gathered every ounce of my courage to pull away from him gently and turned to face him. Our eyes met suddenly and something exchanged between us. A silent, unspoken understanding.

“Min Ho ssi, I’m so sorry for what happeneed earlier. I can be very clumsy at times.” I told him carefully avoiding his gaze and I nervously flipped my hair back nervously giving him an apologetic smile.

I saw him look at me, studying my face.

“Uhm.. I even tripped face down during my college years. I was..  I was walking without even looking where I was heading. Apparently, I was lost in my thoughts again and I didn’t saw the large root  protruding from a tree.”

A verbal diarrhea. ‘Oh great, Jas. Try to humiliate yourself even more.’

I stifled a nervous laugh.

He softly nodded his head placing both his hands inside his pockets.

“I think we should go back now. It’s getting late. We both have a flight to catch.” I said as I checked my watch.

Thankfully, he didn’t pressed me more as I walked away and he followed behind me at a distance.

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