With You Beside Me Ch.4

Chapter 4: The Unfinished Story

Min Ho’s P.O.V

The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. The meadows are covered with a blanket of yellow flowers in its full bloom. It is springtime. And there she is…standing. Her soft, long hair is dancing as the wind blows gently.

Closing my eyes, I sang my heart out.

“Today for some reason, I feel good. I think, this will happen more often. With this fluttering heart, I’m walking the path to meet you. Like a clear, spring day, you look so happy, smiling so brightly. On the day when the wind blows, I want to hold your shy hands and walk with you all day.”

She is smiling brightly at me now. Reaching for my hand.

I stepped forward and with the saddest of melodies, the words that I could not utter, I pour it all to the song.

“I want to confess to you that you’re the most precious to me. You are my love. A promise of forever… The unfinished story…”

I opened my eyes and saw the screaming crowd. I frantically searched among the unfamiliar faces. But she wasn’t here. I will never see that face again.

Snapping out of my reverie, I smiled at them and waved my hand. After months of preparation, The ‘My Everything Concert:Encore has successfully ended. This New Year has been good to me and I have been occupied with attending the Drama Awards and making CF’s all over Korea and around Asia.

Millions of my followers and supporters have attended the concert and I felt a sense of happiness. “Chungmal, Kamsahamnida!” I bowed down my head and waved my goodbye before making my way to the backstage.

I know that I am happy but how come I still felt empty?

I cleared those lingering  thoughts in my head and greeted my assistant, “Sunbae…”

“Congratulations! You did well,” he said.

“Chukhayo!” The staffs were now relaxed and smiling back at me.

“Thank you guys! You worked really hard. Kamsahamnida!” I replied, laughing now.

‘This is right. The making for my upcoming movie will be starting soon and I can’t let everyone down. I won’t let this  nagging feeling overcome me. This is my world and I have to live through it.

But…by any chance, do you think of me? Or have you forgotten me already?

I’m hoping that you listen to my songs and look for the meaning behind it. The song is the only thing that connects me to you now.

I closed my eyes and saw the face smiling brightly at me now. “Are you doing well? Because, I am.” I heard the soft voice speaking.

‘Yes. That’s good. Don’t think about me and live well.’

I opened my eyes and they were all busy wrapping up. “Now… Now… Since everyone worked hard, who wants a bottle of soju?”

They stared at me at once, not blinking. I stopped myself to stifle a laugh at their reactions. It was unlikely me.

My assistant was the one to speak up. “We certainly won’t let this opportunity pass. Right, guys?”

The room was filled with laughters as they all cheered on.

Jas’s P.O.V

“You’ve got a phone call, answer it. 5,6,7,8! Answer it. Answer now. ♪♪”

I opened my eyes and the rays of the sun greeted me. I can hear the rustling of the leaves outside.  My phone was ringing and I reached for it on the bedside table. I sighed when I read the name of the caller. ‘Aish! Really this guy…’

“Uhhh..” I answered.

“And good morning to you, too. Sorry for disturbing you so early but I wanted my voice to be the first thing you hear in the morning.”

I groaned as I heard the voice on the other end.

“I know that I’m sounding a bit corny now. Well, I wanted to remind you if our date today as you promised. I also checked your daily rooster and  I know you don’t have anything scheduled so that means you are not giving me any of your excuses,” he continued.

“But, I’m…” I started speaking but he cut me in.

“Alright. I am hanging up now. See you!” He ended the call before I could give another excuse.

I sighed and stared at my phone. My eyes fell on the dangling mobie chain. After all this time, it was still sparkling everytime it catches the morning sunlight seeping through the curtains. “Kwaenchanaya? (Are you doing alright?) Me, too.” I said still staring on the chain.

I tapped my phone open and selected one song. The soft voice I have grown familiar with was mingling with the sound of the wind from outside.

♪♪ In a sunny day, I think of you with my empty hand. I sometimes put it inside my pocket.

In a windy day, the wind that blows your scent. I miss it and it sharpens the end of my nose.

Will I forget you tomorrow?
Will I be able to erase you wherever I go?
The hidden pieces of you, stab and hurt me…♪♪

The past few months, I listened to his voice every day. The voice I have memorized but still miss.

“One last time. Let me hear your voice one last time.” I smiled at the sparkling mobile chain.

Secretly nurturing my feelings for him, I have closed the door through my heart. I never let anyone enter it. My heart. My fluterring heart…I protected it. I securely locked the door and hidden the key. I never want it to forget how it felt that day. How I felt that day when I was with him.

“You set my heart in motion and now, I can’t even stop it from thinking of you? Fool.” I cursed at the mobile chain.

“It is time, right? I…I will start to live my life starting today. So, you better live well, understand?”

I opened the window and I felt the wind blowing softly on my face. I can smell the sweet scent of the flowers and took a deep breath.

“This is going to be a beautiful day.”

Smiling, I walked toward the closet and scanned for a dress to wear for this today’s ‘meeting’.