Lee Min Ho Forever


Ain’t staying out late.
There’s only one place I wanna go.
So I’m always at home about eight.
Enjoying the nights of solitude and hot choco.

Ain’t misbehavin’.
Just me and my old radio.
So listen to me, darlin’,
I’m saving all my love for you.

Forever, Lee Min Ho



DIY Bow Back Crop Top


Revamping my 9 year old, 3 sizes bigger Nursing T-shirt into this DIY bow back cropped top.

Also made my high waisted pants into this ruffled trim denim shorts.

And check out my nautical ankle bracelets, which I made from the fabric of the bows on my top.

Yeah. I lurv p!nk. ♛

And oh! I made this one, too.


Pray For South Korea


Bring forth and light thy candle,
For thy souls we have lost
We shall find again.

Like a scorching heat of a sun in thy morn
And the twinkling of a star in thy night
Let’s give light unto thee,

For those souls that wander,
They shall find thy road again.

한국을 위해기도하자.