Pray For South Korea


Bring forth and light thy candle,
For thy souls we have lost
We shall find again.

Like a scorching heat of a sun in thy morn
And the twinkling of a star in thy night
Let’s give light unto thee,

For those souls that wander,
They shall find thy road again.

한국을 위해기도하자.

2 thoughts on “Pray For South Korea

  1. It’s a truly awful tragedy. I just blogged about this too, specifically on why I think that Western critics who try to link disasters like this to Korea’s Confucian culture are so often misguided. Please check it out at Sweet Pickles and Corn if you are interested and you have a minute. Cheers!

    • I have read your blog and I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said. The Western critics are all pure talk in order to once again regale their power over developing countries. It is a tragedy and no one would ever wish that to happen. Instead of blaming who is at fault, they should focus their attention on helping to find the victims body and pray for the souls to rest in peace. I am actually a big fanof Confucianism and have given much of my time reading the Doctrine of the Mean, The Great Learning and Analects. There is no better teachings than Confucius’ teachings. By the way, I have a book published about Vikings. =)

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