The Woman, The String and The Letter


That woman’s heart is as clear as a mirror, and as beautiful as the cherry blossoms.

Give her the truth and she will give you a lifetime of friendship.

Give her your smile and she will give you a life full of gratitude and never ending blessings.


That woman’s heart is like a river.

She has so much love to give to the people surrounding her; like a river that continuously flowing to the sea.

She has fallen in love and out of it, get hurt, cried, dropped and faltered hopelessly on the ground.

But chose to keep her heart beating.

And love that same person yet again.

Making Choices.
Giving Second Chances,
Third, Fourth and then Fifth.

Willing for Fate.
Praying for Hope.
Keeping Promises.
Whispering wishes.


Call her, and she will lend you her ears and will still understand even if you keep on repeating the same story over and over again.

She will give you an advice full of the words of God and will make you remember to have faith because everything happens for a reason. We might not know the reason yet but God knows.

Only God and God alone.


That woman believes that FATE is a string that quietly connects her heart to another.

Following that invisible string to feel even the slightest vibration is what connects people to feel and understand each other.

And that woman has an invisible string that connects her to me.

That woman is:

My Colleague.
My True Friend.
My Sister.


To the woman, who is celebrating the gift of life for this month, there is only one thing I wish and hope; a battle worth fighting for: Spend every second of your life searching for the spark that makes you feel alive.

There’s no other fight quite like it.
You will fail, and it doesn’t matter.

Let the entire world thinks you’re pathologically unstable, because it doesn’t matter in the end.

I know because I was and I did.

Reach for the stars with a million strangers at your side or all on your own.

Because there’s nothing quite like going through life with your head held high.

Ignite that little spark in your life, Princess.

And more importantly, leave a permanent mark on every person’s life.

The same mark you left in my heart.

Thank you for the gift of friendship and a Lifetime of Hopes, Dreams, Love and Promises.

Happy Birthday Ate Yinyin!


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