In Retrospect

Hi there! I wanted to tell you that THIS is not an ordinary post. I made this blog two years back from now. Oh yes! Year 2012 of December 12. One of the best thing about WordPress is that you can set the date and time of when you would like to publish your post.


What an amazing numbers we have here. This is the last repetitive date. And I wanted to remember this moment.

So how do you do? Or should I better ask myself how am I at this very moment?

I welcome the day giving care to my patients in the Medical Ward of Mohammad Dossary Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


I am quite happy that I have been in this country for almost one year and four months. Somehow, I have managed to survive.

Two years from this date, where in the world will I be? Whom will I give my nurturing care by then? I hope that I still am in the path of my profession.

Eventhough, I have my family and friends with me, I can say right now that my heart is empty. I have spent my 24 years waiting for that special someone.

I hope that I am no longer waiting two years from now. That I have found the love that I have been waiting for. My happy ever after.

This is how I looked like this 2012.


Two years from now, I wonder how will I look like. I hope I gain some weight. Will I be stronger and wiser?

Thinking about the future is a scary thing. A future no one knows but God. All we need to do is surrender to His loving grace.

My future me, I hope you are doing good all this time. Because right now, I am well and good. Stay strong!


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