My Restless Heart


You were once
So kind, so beautiful and alive.
Like the sun
So bright, soothing me with your light.

What happened deary?

You’re now
So tough, so gloomy and bad.
Like the sky
So dark, in a moonless night.

Nobody told me that you’d be empty.

Fury, red flashing light.
Eye to eye, I can feel your pain.
Hold me, don’t give up the fight.
This moment, drives me insane.

So light that candle in you,
it is too dark.
I don’t care if I get burned.
Coz I’m just nothing but a moth.
All I want is to see you shine again.

Like a moth to a flame, I am destined to get burned.


Lee Min Ho Forever


Ain’t staying out late.
There’s only one place I wanna go.
So I’m always at home about eight.
Enjoying the nights of solitude and hot choco.

Ain’t misbehavin’.
Just me and my old radio.
So listen to me, darlin’,
I’m saving all my love for you.

Forever, Lee Min Ho


Lost Soul

Bring forth and light thy candle,
For thy souls we have lost
We shall find again.

Like a scorching heat of a sun in thy morn
And the twinkling of a star in thy night
Let’s give light unto thee,

For those souls that wander,
They shall find thy road again.


Beautiful and True

See the blemish on your face,
Everyone tells you to erase.
But you seem to think,
While you’re on your brink,
That blemish is your own grace.

See the frizz in your hair,
The one that makes people stare.
“Look at that awful mane,
Walking around she looks insane!”

See the strength that you have within
The one that makes you believe in.
How you look and who you are
And how it should be up to par
With your standards and not let them win.

See the features that make you
Beautiful and true
And don’t change a thing.
No matter words they bring
Because you are perfect askew.


The Moon Embraces the Sun

Amid the darkness,
a light shines from afar.
Patiently awaits,
the advent of her love.
A love so pure.
So true.
It is time.
Her love has arrived.
His presence, no one can deny.
And their love,
like any other love is doomed.
For his every arrival
is her departure.
Unable to meet.
To hold.
And to embrace.
But never in their life they have become crestfallen.
Day by day,
Night after night,
they are waiting.
For that time to come.
A heavenly force to intervene.
That special phenomenon,
when the Moon embraces the Sun.

The title is fully credited to the best Korean Drama I have ever watched, “The Moon Embraces the Sun”.

A historical drama which depicts the culture, customs and traditions of Korea 400 years back. So beautifully written and filmed, which filled my heart with tears thus inspired me to write this poem and love poetry again.


By the way, isn’t it amazing how this magical moment called Eclipse can make the Moon and the Sun meet?

So no matter how impossible it may seem, I will still keep my faith and wait patiently for my Sun to come. To hold it, to dance with it, to embrace it.

Just like this moon.


oiR (Post dated: February 21, 2009)

First love,
first kiss,
and perhaps a treasured smile.

a touched so tender.

With loving, caring,
my only love
amazing, pure. 
With a heart so sure.

the sunrays
for my sky.

The one I think of,
my shelter and desire.
His presence I crave,
His touched I love.

He shares my life.
So sweet and dear
so very near. 

My very breath and soul,
so tall and magnificent.
his love unfading.
Watching, dreaming, hoping.
Building a dream life.
Reaching the triumphs.

Beloved hand, 
which healed my scars,
stopped my tears.
Warm loving heart
for my weary soul.
My one true love.

How lucky I am 
to have you
someone sweet
and dear to my heart.

Lucky to have you
etched in my heart.
Branded in my soul
forever in my hand
and in my mind.