With You Beside Me

Lee Min Ho FanFiction

Min Ho’s POV


I am staring into the blue sky watching the scattered clouds moving away slowly. The breeze was blowing gently. I am still lying on the soft grass after raising with Jas moments before. I felt alive as I ran through the field with her. It was a good feeling.

I could see her from the corner of my eye as she stood a little distance from where I am lying, talking on the phone.

I closed my eyes as I let my thoughts drift by. I realized that I was strangely drawn to her. There is just something endearing about her.

I remember how I had seen a picture of this place on a brochure I picked up from the hotel desk and wanting to visit it. And today, the first person I thought of coming here with was her.

What could be the reason? I still can’t figure it out. Why do I want to know more about her? I mean we just met like yesterday and I can’t deny that I had a great time with her. But what else do I know about her? Other than she is a big fan and she came from a place thousand of miles away. Why do I feel like I have known her for a long time and when I am with her, I am just myself and nothing else seems to matter. I smiled remembering the small sketchpad she handed me this morning. It was a picture of me her younger brother had sketched. Moments like that always give me inspiration to do better.


I closed my eyes with a smile lingering on my face and let my thoughts drift me to sleep.

Jas’s POV

I finished my short chat with my sister on the phone as we catch up since my last conversation with her. I told her about the  flight that I had later this evening. And Mom, of course.

I’m supposed to stay at her house in Brunei. She lives with her Bruneian husband and they now have a cute little angel whom I completely adore.

I came back to find him still lying on the grass with his hands clasped above his chest but this time he had already put on his jacket as the weather gets colder. His eyes were already closed.


I silently scolded myself for wanting to touch his eyelashes. How can a man gets long lashes like that? Shaking my head in disbelief, I quietly sat down next to him without making any sounds.

Was he sleeping? I thought. I could see his chest rise and fall with every breath he took.  His handsome face is relaxed and calm. I sat next to him silently watching and smiling to myself.

I still can’t believe that I am with this man. We met only yesterday and it seems to me that I have known him for a long time. I say that I was lucky to stay in the same hotel where he is staying on his Asian Tour for the album ‘My Everything’ here in the Philippines. He had managed to work out with his manager and Starhaus Entertainment to leave quietly after his scheduled departure to Malaysia so people won’t know his plans.

I remember the first time he has spoken to me in English. I was so surprised to see him in the elevator of the hotel I am staying for the night. He was wearing a cap and an aviator big enough to cover his face, not wanting to draw attention from the public. But I have already memorized every inches of his face that I can recognized him even with my eyes closed.


Surprisingly, he was speaking it well. I read somewhere that he was taking English lessons. He sure is comfortable speaking it now. And of course, I wouldn’t mind speaking to him in Hangeul since I know some general conversation about it. I smiled sheepishly as I remember those late nights I have laboriously studied the Korean letters, their pronounciation and some common words and phrases.

I stared at him again. He was looking so handsome and serene with his eyes closed. Nobody will believe me when I tell them I am seeing him like this. I should pinch myself to see if I am dreaming again. Maybe I will wake up lying flat on my bed.

I am lost in my thoughts when he suddenly opens his eyes. Those beautifully perfect eyes staring back at me.

“I didn’t realized that you came back. Were you sitting beside me for long?”

“Aniyo. I just came back.”

I lied. Not wanting to let him know that I was sitting there for longer than he thought, looking at him.

He smiled as he got up and sat, stretching his hands.

“A call from home?” He asked me.

“Umm.. My sister..” I replied. Remembering my conversation with her just a while ago involving my Mom. Waves of sadness suddenly engulfed me but I fight back those thoughts and forced a winning smile.

“Hey. Kwaenchana?” (Are you alright?)

I stared at him with a worried look painted all over his handsome face. Had he noticed it? It was something I have become good in hiding. How did he see it. I was struggling with words for my response.

“Ne. Kwaenchanaeyo.. (Yeah. I’m okay.)  I.. I.. was reminded of something, from the past and it was sort of overwhelmed me.”

I told him without meeting his gaze not revealing the details. It was a memory I had burried somewhere deep in my mind.

“Let me tell you something..”

I heard him telling me sensing my hesitation to talk about it.

“You know, few years back I was involved in a car accident and I hurt myself pretty badly injuring my arms and legs. I was in hospital bed for around six months. It was a difficult time for me. I remember feeling hopeless and sad. I was scared and I thought that I will never be able to walk again. But gradually, with the help of doctors and nurses like you, I recovered and I got through the period. And you know what I learned from it?” He asked me and I looked at him wondering.


“To be stronger and to never give up. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a national football player. But because of the incident, I was being refrained to do such activities. I have faith in myself and I continue to follow my dreams and worked hard not letting the incident hold me back. Life is precious. And, see me? I played football once in a while and I even tried to do some water sports. I even raced you and won today.”


He told me with a gentle smile. I remembered his recent Kdrama, The Heirs, he was surfing, playing with the California waves.


I was touched realizing that he had shared it with me. It was something very personal. He seemed to know that I was going through an emotional turmoil somewhere deep without me telling him.

“Kamsahamnida, Min Ho-ssi. I don’t know what to say. And you are right. I have to learn to accept and let go of my past and be stronger. Thank you for sharing it with me. I am feeling better now… Sincha kumaweoyo.”

I told him genuinely as our eyes met. At that moment, the warmth of his eyes seem to overcome the forebearing feelings that has been disturbing me for a while. Min Ho ssi, if only I could share it all with you. I thought. Those painful deep memories keep resurfacing now and then as hard as I try to forget them.

‘But sitting here next to you, it seem insignificant. The feeling with you beside me is making it disappear.’ I sighed and stared blanky in to the sky.